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Having enough glasses is vital. If you are setting your table with glasses it is easy to work out the right number but always allow a few extra as spares. For cocktail functions or pre-dinner drinks it is a bit more complex. On average allow 2 drinks per person for the first hour and around 1 for every hour after that. This means that for a 3-hour cocktail party for 100 guests you will serve around 400 drinks. How many glasses you require will depend on how many you are prepared to wash during the function, what drinks are you serving and will you be using glasses to serve beer.

Tables are available in round or rectangular and come in a number of sizes. The number of guests that can be seated will depend on your place settings and the size of the crockery that you choose. The most efficient sized table for seating guests is a 2.4m rectangle table with 10 settings, so if space is a bit tight this is your best option.

The maximum recommended for each table is:

  • 1.8m round table seats 10 people
  • 1.5m round table seats 8 people
  • 1.2m round table seats 6 people
  • 0.85m round table seats 4 people
  • 2.4m banquet table seats 12 people
  • 2.4m rectangular table seats 10 people
  • 1.8m rectangular table seats 8 people
  • 1.2m rectangular table seats 4 people

Traditionally round tables have been used for wedding receptions seating eight to ten guests. While this is still a popular option, there has been a trend towards banquet table seating. These are rectangular tables that can seat up to twelve guests but are probably better with ten. Guests tend to find these tables friendlier as they are only 1.2 metres across so everyone on the table is within easy talking distance while at the same time leaving plenty of room to put table decorations or even platters in the centre.

Formal bridal tables are still a popular option however over the past couple of years we have noticed a move away from the traditional bridal table, which is located at the head of the room. Many couples now prefer to have a central table rather than a formal head table. Hint: if you choose not to have a formal bridal table think about differentiating your table with extra lighting, a different shaped table or even a different chair type.

You really are only limited by your imagination and of course budget. As you won't need to work in with the existing site of a permanent venue you can make the venue reflect your style and the feeling you wish to convey for the day. Feel like looking up at the stars during dinner? How about a marquee with a clear roof? The effect is truly spectacular. Of course we have a range of ceiling linings to give a soft romantic feel and we can also drape the walls. Sidewalls can be solid white for privacy, fully clear to take in the view and the warmth of the sun. At Your Event Solution | YES we have a huge range of candelabras, urns and vases along with a large collections of beautiful table linen available. From expert advise on lighting your marquee and the grounds surrounding it, to making sure you have enough champagne glasses, Your Event Solution | YES can be there for you. We here to help you as little or as much as you want.

For a seated dining function you should allow floor space of just over 1.3 square metre per person. This is the minimum and only allows space for the dining area. To this you will need to add space for dancing, buffet tables, a bar, a band, entrance ways and a catering area, to name a few. For larger events it is not uncommon to require at least two square metres per guest. For a more casual event where some or all of the guests will be standing it is quite possible to reduce you space ratio down to half a square metre per person.

A marquee is a traditional peg and pole tent. The ceiling slopes gently downward from a row of tall centre poles to the wall poles. Marquees use guy ropes to tension and secure the roof. Walls are hung from a line on the inside of the ceiling and held in place on the ground using small pegs. An event pavilion is definitely the premium option. At Your Event Solution | YES we only use genuine Hoecker Pavilions, which have been the industry benchmark for generations. Pavilions are the most flexible and stable form of temporary structure and are ideal for tight spots; they have no guy ropes so need virtually no clearance around its sides, whereas the traditional marquees need at least 2 metres. Our pavilions can be constructed up to virtually any size, on any surface and can be as narrow as 3 metres wide. An important advantage of the Hoecker Pavilion is that it has no interior poles so the entire floor space is yours to use unobstructed.

Our Hoecker pavilion is going to be much more secure than a traditional peg and pole marquee. Having the peace of mind in knowing that your structure is able to stand up to just about any weather will be money well spent.

Our flooring systems can be levelled on sites with a gentle slope or undulations but on steeper sites it is not always possible. Keep in mind that people are a lot more used to sloping grass than a sloping timber floor. So what feels fine as a lawn may be quite disconcerting once it is floored.

We will happily come and inspect your site before we prepare our quote. By doing this, we can be sure, and you can be sure we can deliver the marquee you want to the site you've chosen.

Your Event Solution - YES has arranged access to some of the most beautiful and secluded venues in each of the areas we are based. Whether you are looking for a venue in the Southern Highlands, Canberra, South Coast or Sydney we can help you find the perfect venue. Check out our Services and Venues page for some our our recommended suppliers.

The answer to this question depends on what you want. For example, the size of the tables you would like in the marquee will influence the size of the marquee itself. If you plan a formal bridal table, a dance floor, space for a band and so on the pavilion needs to be large enough accommodate these without being cavernous. Your Event Solution | YES has the experience to advise you.

Generally the more formal the feel you are looking for, the more important a floor is. If you are planning a relaxed daytime reception in a beautiful garden you may decide not to floor your pavilion or you may just lay enough for dancing. By having your guests walking on grass you will really bring the feeling of the garden into your reception. If however you are wanting a more formal, sophisticated style of reception, especially one held in the evening, then a floor is much more important.

An event in a pavilion offers you a lot of freedom. Freedom to hold your event at a unique location; furnish and style the pavilion with your chosen decor; choose your own caterer, be involved in the set-up as much or as little as you want; and set your own time limits.

The final cost will vary greatly depending on a huge range of variable factors. At Your Event Solution | YES we pride ourselves on the fact that every single wedding reception we have done is an individually tailored event. We'll ask you a number of questions to discover what you are looking for and then give you a detailed quote. Hint: The time of day that you choose can help keep the cost down. By having a daytime function you can avoid elaborate lighting and possibly escape the need to hire a generator.

Our objective is to make your reception as hassle and stress free as possible. With this in mind we always try to have your wedding pavilion set up at least 2 days in advance of the function and we leave it with you until the next working day after the event. Normally this means we deliver on Thursday and collect everything on the following Monday. The advantage of this is that it allows plenty of time for set-up prior to the event and time for you to use the pavilion again for a post-wedding brunch the day after.

Lighting can be the making of your event. Naturally for evening functions you will need to light your venue and we have some great ideas for that but have you thought about outside? Lighting special features in your garden will really make an impact on your guests. Think about the all the spaces your guests will visit on the day not just the ceremony and reception. Create ambience with something as simple as festoon lights or candles along a walkway for guests as they enter and exist.

To assist us in planning the next stage of your event, please contact us for an easy guide form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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